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This month, I'd like to thank

This month, I'd like to thank debgardner.jpg
Sometimes, we all need a little help from our friends. This month, I'm grateful to several of my colleagues at Reminder Publications for helping to pull this issue together. First, I'd like to thank Reminder Assistant Editor Danielle Paine for contributing the feature story on the Baby Boom generation's growing love affair with motorcycles. Though a mid-life lifestyle is far in her future, Paine is a motorcycle buff herself, and her contacts and understanding of the subject were a great fit for the story. I also need to thank Reminder Publications Managing Editor Mike Dobbs and Marketing Director Diana Dziok for arranging to have ABC40's chief investigative reporter Jim Polito to pose for this month's cover (and grant me an interview). My sister papers, The Reminder, The Herald and the Reminder Metro West have a working relationship with ABC 40, and Dziok worked with Polito at the TV station prior to joining Reminder Publications. They made it work, and it was great to be able to put a local celebrity on PRIME's cover! While I'm thanking people for helping me out, I want to extend my gratitude to D. J. St. Germain's Chief Investment Officer Mike Matty for contributing a timely piece on the importance of planning now for the most expensive part of everyone's life retirement on very short notice. (and with the late February correction to the stock market, how much more timely can that planning ahead advice get?) PRIME is glad to have D. J. St. Germain back on board as a contributor, and look forward to working with them in the future. Lastly, I'd like to thank the marketing people at Buena Vista Films for giving my family and I the opportunity to get a sneak peek at the 40th Anniversary edition re-release of Walt Disney's animated feature film, "Peter Pan." One of the rare pleasures of this job is the chance to share my work with my husband and son, as happens when we review a DVD, CD, or visit an event together. They get the chance to participate in (and see) what I do, and I get a fresh perspective on something I'm trying to write about (see the difference between my grown-up reaction to the 40-year-old film, and my son's in the review!) . We all enjoyed visiting Neverland for an evening .or two or three. While I'm extending thanks, belated gratitude to all my contributing columnists, my art director, artists and sales force. Together, we all make PRIME work! Debbie Gardner PRIME Editor dgardner@reminderpublications.com