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The holidays… a time for thanks, and memories

The holidays… a time for thanks, and memories deb-gardner-0812b.jpg
PRIME – December 2014 By Debbie Gardner debbieg@thereminder.com This month PRIME says goodbye to one of our long-standing columnists. Linda Fitzgerald is stepping down from the role of president of AARP Massachusetts, a volunteer position that she has manned for the past six years. As we all know, volunteering for any position always involves far more commitment than we anticipated going in, but from what I have seen, Linda has risen to every challenge with enthusiasm and commitment. I’ve always appreciated Linda’s contributions to PRIME, and her efforts through her colums to keep readers abreast of important issues – from the changes in the healthcare laws to the need for Massachusetts to adopt the Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Procedures Jurisdiction Act to insure that family members could more easily care for their elders across state lines. She’s addressed every pertinent issue involving aging in her columns – tackling hunger through conversations about the availability of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP) benefits for qualified elders to how embracing technology, rather than shunning it, could help elders ease the burden of isolation and loneliness. I remember contacting Linda about a year ago for help on a story about the then-new Affordable Care Act for another of Reminder Publications products. She was more than generous with her time, helping me to fully understand the provisions of the new legislation and how it would affect readers of all ages. Thank you, Linda, for all that you have done to help PRIME readers make the most of midlife and beyond. We wish you all the best as you begin your own journey toward a “Life Reimagined” (see her column on page 23). Speaking of columnists, I hope that you will find as much joy and inspiration as I did in Jane O’Donoghue’s column this month (also on page 23). Her reminiscence about her holiday tablecloth –which has become an irreplaceable record of family history – made me wish I had done something similar long before I read about it in her column. To have captured my son’s infant footprint, my brother-in-law’s wry wit, my grandmother’s imperfect signature – she was a Portuguese immigrant who never learned to write beyond signing her name – and my dad’s sage advice… those things would be priceless to me today. However it’s never too late to start a tradition, and I believe this year we have some ideas for new traditions that will start capturing a few moments in time of our own. When it comes to making memories, I hope you will take advantage of the many holiday events listed in the pages of this issue. As always, we’ve endeavored to include a variety of things to do and see that have a broad appeal – something for the kids and grandkids, something for the grown-ups, something for those of us with long memories, and something for the family and the young at heart. If you are stuck for a gift idea, I hope you’ll check out Gary Kaye’s Technology column this month (page 26). I’m always grateful to Gary for the effort he puts into sifting through the latest gadgets to come up with spot-on suggestions for almost every gift-giving need. If you don’t find a suggestion to fit your shopping list, he’s got lots more ideas on his website, www.tech50plus.com. I can’t end the year without sending a big thank-you to all my other columnists, Gina Barry, who provides our elder law information; Jonathan Evans, who keeps us up to date on alternative medicine; Victor Acquista, who makes certain we consider health through the lens of mind, body and spirit; and Jason Alderman, who provides what is truly practical money advice. My thanks, too, to everyone in Reminder Publications graphics department – Beth, Andrea, Liz, Linda and Leigh – who help me produce the beautiful publication you read every month. And of course, special thanks go out to my sales manager, Terry, and the rest of the Sales Department, for without their work there would be no PRIME. And to you, dear readers, warm wishes from everyone at PRIME for time with family and friends – and everything that will make this a memorable holiday season. Bookmark and Share