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Something for Everyone

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This is the kind of issue we're privileged to be able to put together sometimes. One of those issues that, we hope, has a little something for everyone. If you're a sports fanatic, a hockey fan, or, more specifically, a Springfield Falcons fan, I hope you enjoy the in-depth interview with Falcons owner Bruce Landon by my Reminder Publications colleague, Katelyn Gendron. (see page 5) If the Ms. Senior Massachusetts contest is something you look forward to every fall, I hope you'll not only check out this year's contestants on pages 12 and 13, but also take a moment to read the story on how this pageant has helped change America's and now the world's views on older women. (You go, ladies!) Everyone has issues with their tech equipment phone, computer, MP3 player, the list goes on and on. Well, before you call your latest expert, check out this month's article by PRIME's tech writer Rick Castinelli. He's penned a great piece with five simple tips to help keep your tech stuff running smoothly. Just see page 9! If the change in seasons has seen your allergies flaring up, PRIME's Herbal Information Specialist Jonathan Evans has lots of suggestions on how to handle your seasonal sniffles naturally. (See page 18). This month's Finance section has articles on how to spot and prevent elder abuse, and a refresher on how to avoid or cope with identity theft. You'll find more for sports afficionados in our Dining & Entertainment pages, as the Springfield Jewish Community Center hosts ESPN sports guru Howie Schwab in a local version of his "Stump the Schwab" program. Our Home Improvement section has money-saving tips on how to get your house in shape for the cold months ahead. And this month our Travel section takes readers to Africa with a look at a very special couple who host safaris that work to maintain a balance with the environment and sustain the culture of the tribes in the area. Check these things out online: But you may find that some of your favorite columns are missing from this month's pages, and for that we apologize. If you have access to a computer and the internet, you'll find the following regular columns online this month: Marci's Medicare Answers and a piece from the Medicare Rights Center on Picking a Medicare Plan will be in the Finance section. This month's Very Private column by columnist Jacqui Brandwynne will be in the Mind &Body section. However you read PRIME this month, we hope you enjoy what we have to offer! Debbie Gardner PRIME Editor