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Letters... we get... well, emails, tweets, you name it...

Letters... we get... well, emails, tweets, you name it... deb-gardner-0812B.jpg

    I love it when I get feedback from readers, and since our last issue published, I’ve gotten comments that I’d like to share.
    A reader from Westfield wrote to comment on the July car cruise piece, “Warm Nights & Cool Cars.”  A car enthusiast himself, he wanted me to know what a terrific guy he thought one of my interviewees, Gary Frances, truly is.
    I talked to Frances as he was running a car cruise at Heritage Hall North in Agawam, to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association. The reader wanted me to know that wasn’t the only local charity Francis has lent his cruise organizing, dejaying and announcer talents to help. In Westfield alone, the reader said, Francis has helped raise money for several organizations including Cancer House of Hope and the Homeless Cat Project.
        Dear Westfield reader  – here’s your shout-out to Gary Francis – I hope fellow readers let him know we’ve pointed out how much his work is appreciated!
        I also heard from an avid Springfield reader who referred to our new PRIME as “informative and fun for us in Boomerville.”
Thanks so much for the positive feedback.
Our first contest!
        This month, PRIME is running our first reader’s contest since the redesign, so if you haven’t had a chance to weigh in on the new look yet, you could say we’ve sweetened the deal for you this month.
        Do you remember the 1980s coming-of age dramady, “The Breakfast Club?”
(And which one were you  – a Brain, Athlete, Basket Case, Criminal, or Princess back in the ‘80s?)
        Well, we’re giving away four pairs of tickets to a special, 30th anniversary big-screen showing of the iconic film this October 18, hosted by “Breakfast Club” and “Pretty in Pink,” star, Molly Ringwald!
        The screening, which will take place in downtown Springfield’s Symphony Hall at 3 p.m., includes a post-film interactive discussion and question and answer session with Ringwald.  
        For your chance to be at Symphony Hall to revisit “The Breakfast Club” with Molly Ringwald, turn to page 19 in this issue and look for the contest entry form.
    Be sure to tell us where you got this issue of PRIME, and what your favorite section is.
    Any other comments on the new PRIME you’d like to pass along with your contest entry would be welcome, too.

Thanks for reading,


Debbie Gardner