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I'm hoping to get a letter from you soon!

I'm hoping to get a letter from you soon! deb-gardner-0812b.jpg
PRIME – August 2014 By Debbie Gardner debbieg@thereminder.com I got a short note from a reader the other day, tucked in the envelope with an entry to the July PRIME Sleuth contest. The reader posed a thorny grammatical question… something she had noticed that didn't seem quite right in the wording of some television advertising. I have to admit I was flattered that a reader might feel I was qualified to answer a grammatical question. As a professional writer I'm always worried whether I've used the right tense of a verb, or the correct punctuation or subject agreement in the sentences in the articles I both edit and write. I'm always grateful when colleagues catch my faux pas before those mistakes are immortalized in print. That note from a reader brightened my day in another way, too. The question posed was one of those rare occasions when I heard from my audience in a form that wasn't a contest entry. Over the years I've had an occasional letter or note from a PRIME fan. For example, I've had retired English teachers point out instances where I've inadvertently mangled the language. I've also received a few notes from individuals who had story suggestions. One time I had someone ask me to do a piece about fun funerals, for instance (I'm still researching that). Would-be authors have, from time to time, also sent me a copy of their book. But on the whole, I'm left to guess about the likes and dislikes, interests and issues that concern you, my reading audience. Putting an issue of PRIME together each month takes thought and lots of planning, and I hope that the articles my columnists and I present contain the type of information you find useful, helpful and interesting. That said, I'm always open to suggestions for stories, for columns and for issues you think PRIME should cover. For instance, a few months back I launched an every-other-month column offering career advice to mid-life and mature job-seekers. As I'm beginning to formulate plans for the 2015 editorial calendar for PRIME, I'm left wondering if I should have this column go monthly, keep it as an every-other-month piece, or eliminate it altogether, as it isn't something readers relate to. I'd love to get your feedback on this column, and any of the other columns that run in the pages of our product on a regular basis – including the legal, financial, alternative medicine and health columns, as well as the other content you find in PRIME each month. Is there something we are missing that you would like to see? Is there an area where we could do better? Do you have a suggestion for a feature story that you think would interest PRIME readers? There are many ways you can share your thoughts and opinions on these subjects with me. If you are the kind of person to put your thoughts in writing, you can drop me a note at the following address: Debbie Gardner PRIME Editor 280 North Main Street Suite 1 East Longmeadow, MA 01028 If email is more your style, please shoot me your opinions and ideas at debbieg@thereminder.com. You can also contact PRIME though our website at debbieg@thereminder.com. While you're surfing the Internet, I'd love your opinion about how we can make PRIME's website more user friendly and accessible to our readers. And please take a minute to enter this month's PRIME Sleuth contest, which is now also available to our online readers. We're entering the dog days of summer, and before we know it fall will be on our doorsteps, followed quickly by a new year. Please help me to make plans for a PRIME you want to turn to for news and information in the year ahead. Remember, dear readers, I'm counting on you. Bookmark and Share