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A new season at PRIME and in the Berkshires

A new season at PRIME and in the Berkshires carley-dangona.jpg
Carley Dangona
June 2012 By Carley Dangona carley@thereminder.com Hello readers, it's the new PRIME editor here. I am excited to take over the helm of this publication and pledge to bring you interesting, informative stories and news. A little bit about me: I have moved across the country three times, returning to the East Coast a little more than one year ago; I love to write, hate to cook; I have always related to people older than me; I am a bookworm; I love music of all kinds; and my favorite quote is "Scratch a cynic, you'll find a burnt romantic." I ventured into writing not because I have something to say, but because others have ideas to share, stories to tell and words to hear. If my writing touches the life of just one reader, then I have fulfilled my duties as a journalist. I have written all my life in various forms, and have done so professionally for the past 10 years. I have experience writing for specialty publications such as PRIME. My job is to inform you, the reader and enable you to form your own opinions in order to make knowledge-based decisions. So, how did I put together an entire issue about the Berkshires despite never having traveled there? I approached the focus of this issue as if I was planning a trip to the Berkshires myself. At first, I reviewed maps and websites to learn the history of the area. From there, I started researching the upcoming summer season and then spoke with the very people orchestrating the events in the Berkshires, but enough about the technical details. The upcoming summer season in the Berkshires includes activities for all ages and interests. At the very least, the lineup of activities is stunning. From theater to dance, music to paintings, the Berkshires have a cultural plethora of experiences to behold. There is no shortage of options in the Berkshires, whether you spend a day or a week there. Many venues and festivals are celebrating major milestones: Tanglewood celebrates its 75th anniversary; Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival its 80th anniversary; Shakespeare & Company its 35th season; the Berkshire International Film Festival honors Edith Wharton's 150th birthday; and the Norman Rockwell Museum honors the centennial passing of Howard Pyle. Excited? Me too. In addition to the usual abundance of activities, there is a multitude of celebratory festivities this season. So, how do you choose which sites to see? My suggestion: attend an event you are knowledgeable about, and then attend an event completely unknown to you. On a budget? Not to worry. There are plenty of affordable seats and free events offered at each of the venues. The possibilities of adventure are endless in the upcoming Berkshire summer season. Summer is just around the corner so start planning now to ensure access to the season's happenings. Whatever you decide, do not just sit by the pool sipping an umbrella drink — get out there and have some fun! Bookmark and Share