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A happy reader writes.

It isn't often I get a letter from a reader, which is why I wanted to share the note I received from Mr. Walter Willard, talking about his experiences with the new soccer program at the Senior Games: June 10, 2008 Dear Ms. Gardner, Editor, Somewhere last week I spotted your PRIME cover showing a bearded athlete. The words "complete schedule of events" enticed me enough to pick up your publication to see what sports were part of the Senior Games. To my surprise, soccer was listed. A phone call to coordinator, Carl Fetterol, gave me three more names and numbers. As a result, on June 7th I played one entire soccer game and then another on June 8th. The team I played for was declared the winner and my teammates and I were all given gold medals. All that happened because of a bearded athlete on the cover of your PRIME. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Walt Willard Agawam High Soccer Coach '68-'74.<.i> P.S. I will be looking for PRIME again. Never noticed it before. I called Mr. Willard to ask his permission to reprint his letter, and, as we chatted on the phone, he expanded on the story. Seems when he arrived at the soccer field, he donned a blue shirt and joined the team that was similarly attired. During his warmup however, the coach for the opposing team asked him if he had a red shirt with him, and if Willard could fill a spot on his team. "Luckily," Willard said. "I'd brought a couple of different colored shirts, and had a red one in my car." He changed affiliations, and because of that shirt, he played on the team that won the gold medal. "I've told that story over and over since we won," Willard told PRIME. We at PRIME are just tickled that we could help a reader connect with something they love the gold medal was just icing on the cake. If PRIME has made a difference for you, I'd love to hear about your experiences, too. Debbie Gardner PRIME Editor 280 North Main St. East Longmeadow, MA 01028 dgardner@reminderpublications.com