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Going It Alone --
Stigma Falls for Single Traveler
PRIME – August 2014
By Debbie Gardner
Seeing the world
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PRIME – August 2014
The Agawam Cultural Council will host Ray Guillemette Jr. in
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I'm hoping to get a letter from you soon!
PRIME – August 2014
By Debbie Gardner
I got a short note from a reader the other day, tuc
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Establish an estate plan before your next trip
PRIME – August 2014
By Gina M. Barry
Bacon Wilson P.C.
Summer is here, and it seems everyone is going on vacatio
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A boomer guide to understanding augmented reality
PRIME August 2014
By Gary M. Kaye
Editor, In the Boombox (
Augmented Reality (AR) is not the fee
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Magnesium make certain you're getting enough
PRIME – August 2014
By Jonathan Evans
Herbal Information Specialist, the Herbarium
It is the dog days of summer, and I am revisiting many subjects and information that seems to be timeless. I hope you cut this article out and refer to it many times, Heaven knows I repeat this stuff a dozen times a day…
Magnesium myths
I cannot tell you how many times I have spoken about magnesium on the radio over the years. I cannot count the thousands of informational sheets I have handed out about this mineral at the Herbarium, and at public talks.
And, after my experience with two customers recently, I feel it is necessary to remind all of you readers of the importance of magnesium.
Case #1: An older woman with osteoporosis is told to stop wasting her money and get rid of magnesium supplements and instead, to add more calcium carbonate to her diet.
I have a sheet, given to me by a medical doctor who also holds a degree in nutrition. It explains why calcium carbonate (Tums, Caltrate, Oscal) is a very poor choice of calcium supplement. According to researchers at the Cornell Medical Center, University of North Carolina, University of California, Irvine, and several other centers of medical research on the need for magnesium, you have to have adequate amounts of magnesium to absorb your calcium, and to activate the vitamin D. To make matters worse, by overloading on calcium, you flush out the magnesium in your system. According to Dr. Carolyn DeMarco, MD, author of "The Bone Building Solution" (2006), "The body can
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