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Keeping Life in Perspective
PRIME – January 2015
Book offers new slant on how to ‘juggle’ life’s responsibilities
By Debbie Gardner
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Learning to see the wisdom in life’s challenges
PRIME – January 2015
By Debbie Gardner
There are lots of advice books out there that pr
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Resolve now to review your estate plan in 2015
PRIME – January 2015
By Gina M. Barry
Bacon Wilson P.C.
It’s time to make your New Year’s resolutions! Most resol
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Consider the risks before agreeing to cosign a loan
PRIME – January 2015
By Jason Alderman
Shakespeare probably said it best: “Neithe
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Embracing ‘wisdom’ offers us all endless possibilities
PRIME – January 2015
By Victor Acquista, MD
Integral Health Specialist and Author of “Pathways to Health: An Integ
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Practical tips for a warm and healthy winter
PRIME – January 2015
By Jonathan Evans
Herbal Information Specialist, the Herbarium
First, let me wish you all a happy and healthy New Year.
Fight the flu with essential oils
I noticed in the news that this year’s flu vaccine may not match up with the strains that are expected. Health officials recommend people at risk get the flu shot anyway, just in case.
For the rest of us, there are several things that you can do to help you avoid coming down with the flu.
We all know about washing hands and using sanitizers, but there is a big problem with the hand sanitizers out there. It is all the same strength. Recently I was in a hospital emergency room (helping someone, not as a patient) and kept washing my hands with the cleaner provided in every room. Then I realized what I was doing.
One of the reasons we have what are labelled “superbugs” is because we keep trying to kill them with the same strength cleansers, over and over.
These little devils can mutate very quickly. Ever heard of MERSA – methicillin resistant staph aureus?
This is one tough cookie and it is everywhere now.
One way to protect yourself from all kinds of infection is to add essential oils to your hand sanitizers, and keep changing the formula to keep the germs off balance and not allow them the opportunity to mutate. Mother Nature offers many ways to keep the bugs in check; all we have to do is to pay attention and use the gifts available to us. Using oils such as lemon myrtle, tea tree, lavender, lemongrass, rosemary and other
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